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How To Make Fresh Homemade Kefir

Kefir is a fermented type of milk that is similar to the consistency of grocery store yogurt drinks. I often refer to it as a delicious drinkable yogurt beverage. They have lots of healthy flora and probiotics that have numerous health benefits. Kefir is great in smoothies, poured over cereal or used in place of cream for deserts, coffee and tea.

Paleo Diet Recipes

Do you want to gain control of your health this year for once and for all, but don’t know how to get long lasting results? Are you tired of worrying about what to eat? Are you bored of eating the same foods week after week? If your answer to any of these is yes, than you should definitely explore Paleo Diet recipes.

Green Smoothie Challenge

Here’s a challenge to each and everyone who wants to have a healthier and sexier body. The green smoothie challenge is for everybody who wants to have a new start with their old poor daily diet. So let me give you first what you can gain with the green smoothie challenge.

The Paleo Recipe Cookbook From a Bird’s Eye View

As many may know, there is a lot of different food items that are not good for the body. Harmful chemicals are added to many items that are known to cause health problems down the line. In fact, most of the health problems that are associated with these different food items are causing people to not have the best long term quality of life. Continue reading to see how this cookbook can help anyone start eating food that is healthy and taste great.

3 Blueberry Desserts for Your Health and Pleasure

This is three simple blueberry desert recipes. They are gluten free so can be served to those with allergic reaction to gluten. The blueberry cake and blueberry rice pudding recipes use fructevia in place of sugar so are good deserts for diabetics.

Recipe for Flourless Mug Bread

Looking for a nutritious, delicious bread recipe without the flour? Look no further. Try this quick and easy recipe for bread using flaxseed meal instead of flour. It’s delicious!

Healthier Popcorn Toppings Instead of Butter

Popcorn can be very healthy, but the toppings used can change it into an unhealthy snack. We discuss some healthy alternatives to the old standby – butter.

Great Juice Recipes For Juicers

This site about using a juicer to make your own fresh juices. It suggests ways that you can make your own fresh juices by using fruits and vegetables that are suited to your needs.

Four Easy Ways to Fix Dinner for Surprise and Expected Guests

An unexpected knock on the door pleasantly reveals three friends wanting to hang out and spend the afternoon; you are in need of easy recipes for dinner for a small group. If you love entertaining and you love surprises, nothing can be more fun than uninvited guests popping up for impromptu evening plans. With the volatile economy, some members of your group may have difficulty spending money out at the restaurant. Check your pantry to see if you can treat your friends and quickly pull together a delicious meal at home.

How Foods Can Spice Up Your Marriage

For centuries people have believed that some foods can enhance romantic encounters. Science gives us explanations why certain foods affect people’s health, emotions, and libido. If you would like more romance in your life, why not try a few aphrodisiac recipes? Might be fun!

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