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Chocolate Zucchini Bread and Other Zucchini Bread Variations

If your kids like chocolate cake, try this zucchini bread recipe. They will never know they are eating their vegetables!

How to Cook a Boneless Prime Rib Roast

Just like the prime rib roast tradition,  I too prepare my boneless prime rib for roasting by rolling it first in coarse salt and black pepper with a hint of the herb rosemary. I thought not everyone knows this secret, so I went around to see the way other restaurants do it. I discovered that the preparation methods were very similar at each place.

Leftover Chicken – Recipes for Using Leftover Chicken

Do you have leftover chicken in the fridge you don’t know what to do with? Here are some quick and easy recipes to use up your leftover chicken.

How to Make the Perfect Banana Bread

Making banana bread is very simple and easy, with only a few ingredients needed and a few procedures that need to be done. Learn how to make the perfect banana bread with chocolate and pecans with this recipe.

How to Make an Authentic Chimichurri Recipe

This article is actually a bit of a lie; there are so many versions of an authentic chimichurri recipe. This version is not by far the oldest or the most conservative, but it is tried and tested. No doubt you have already looked around a lot online for a good chimichurri recipe and you would have noticed that no two are alike.

Chimichurri: The Easy Addition to Every Meal

There is a reason why the chimichurri recipe is so famous in Argentina; it’s so good! Chimichurri is a wonderful garlic-based sauce that is easy to make and even easier to eat. It can be added to steaks, chickens, fish, prawns, and even as a salad dressing.

The Mysteries of the Chimichurri Recipe

One of the most astounding recipes, the chimichurri recipe, is also one of the most mysterious. While many people can traditionally agree upon how to cook a steak or how to make pumpkin soup, the chimichurri recipe has so many variations and differences that it is hard to find two people who make it the same way. This is because chimichurri is a garlic-based sauce that has been around from the 1800s and has witnessed to many changes in Argentina and around the world.

Two Easy Chicken Recipes for Amateur Cooks

If you are tired of eating the same chicken dish, you might as well try to cook different ones. Here are two easy chicken recipes that beginner cooks can easily do.

Italian Cooking – An Overview

Italian cooking today is no longer restricted to Italy. It has become one of the most popular international cuisines. People of every continent today are familiar with the tastes of the pizza and the pasta.

Vegetarian Dishes – Keeps Tab on Health Issues

Health is one aspect that is directly related to what we eat. Regular intake of fruits and vegetables can assure of various health parameters being taken care of. People are slowly turning to vegan dishes to keep themselves in check. Those consuming meat foods have shown to be the most prone to heart related problems.

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