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Ramsay in 10 is back and Gordon is cooking up some incredible dishes in just 10 minutes! He’s starting the series out with “Green” Pasta. Delicious, full of vegetables and most importantly, can be done in under 10.

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Fresh Pasta Recipe

In the world of fresh pasta recipes, there are hundreds of different ways to make even the most basic type of pasta. No one will disagree that the two essential ingredients are eggs and flour, but all the other ingredients are highly subjective, depending on which chef you talk to. Some like to add salt, some like to use olive oil, others like to use water instead. Some advise adding an extra egg yolk… The list goes on.

Indian Cuisine – A Glance at North Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is vast and there are arrays of dishes that are prepared especially across different communities. Dishes and cuisines from neighboring countries and regions like Tibet influence Indian food too.

Recipe For Incredible Peach Pie

This recipe not only includes a recipe for a decadent Peach pie, but it also teaches a lesson on how to peel a peach effectively. This Peach pie recipe will certainly wow your family and after-dinner guests!

Home Baked Sultana Cake

The aroma of home baking permeating a home just cannot be beaten. For many children growing up today this will be a rare event indeed. Busy parents cannot find the time, and sometimes lack the skills that their Grandparents had. In my view this is a shame, in fact I find it worrying.

Reuben Sandwich

The Reuben sandwich is safely ensconced in the American culinary hall of fame. While this humble sandwich has roots in far Lithuania, it is indelibly assembled with that uniquely American savoir faire that comes into play late nights around a poker game.

Why Make A Cookbook?

There are a number of good reasons why you might want to make a cookbook. They may be to do with the ease of use for finding your most used recipes or they may be more to do with family reasons and sharing recipes or retaining the recipes handed down over generations. If you have a lot of recipes that you use all the time or meals that are a regular on your dinner table then you might want to have them all consolidated into one cookbook.

Secret Restaurant Recipes – From Famous Restaurants

What is it that makes us want to go to America’s favorite places to eat out? Simple, it is because of the great food they serve using their special top secret recipes. Now days, due to the lack of money and time, we don’t get to enjoy their great food as often as we would like. The next best thing would be to prepare those same special recipes in our own kitchens. Imagine the rewards of delighting our family and friends with our cooking skills using these secret restaurant recipes.

A Recipe For Diabetics – Get a Good Cookbook

Many people feel that a diagnosis of diabetes is a death sentence for enjoying food or that they will have to prepare special meals because no one else in the house will want to eat their boring bland food. This need not be the case. Often all you need is a little adventure and creativity to create meals that are full of spice, flavor, and variety but will still meet your dietary needs. Often the key can be a good diabetic cookbook that will provide a recipe for diabetics.

Sunday Brunch – Eggs Royale With the Easiest Hollandaise Sauce

Here is my recipe for Eggs Hollandaise with the easiest ever hollandaise sauce. My wife (Hannah) and I recently found ourselves with a Sunday with absolutely no plans – bring on a day of yummy food!

Swimming, Cell Phones, and Scalloped Tomatoes

This is a personal story about new love, mature love, meeting someone for the first time… and tomatoes! The recipe that is included is for Scalloped Tomatoes… delicious.

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