Curry (feat. Floyd Cardoz) | Basics with Babish 100th Episode

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For this special 100th episode of Basics, we’re honoring and remembering Chef Floyd Cardoz.

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Basics of Indian Breads with Floyd:

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How to Prepare Jamaican Rice and Peas

Rice and peas is a popular staple in Jamaican households and eaten every day of the week. Rice and peas can be rice and red kidney beans and dried or green gungo peas when in season.

How To Make Homemade Protein Bars

Young and old consume snack bars because they provide a good boost of energy and other dietary essentials very easily. Likewise, people love them because you just pop them in your bag or slip them in your pocket and you have food that can actually sustain you for a long time. Some say they get their recommended natural fibres from these snack bars as well; they can do without preparing elaborate meals with vegetables and other fibre-rich ingredients which are essential for regular elimination.

10 Best Ways To Curb Your Sweet Tooth

Many of us enjoy sweet foods, and it is natural to do so. Nowadays, there are sweets available everywhere you go, and it can be hard to resist, and overwhelming to have to say no all the time. Here are some ideas to help you curb your sweet tooth once and for all. 1. Choose natural sweets. Sweet foods are what we prefer as babies, and sweet foods are not all bad. Choose naturally sweet food such as fresh fruits, so you will also get a good dose of vitamins, minerals and fiber while you enjoy them. 2. Clean up your environment. It is almost impossible to kick sugar cravings when there is junk food everywhere you look. Choose not to keep sweets in your home and it will be easier to avoid them altogether.

Summer Skewers: 3 Easy Barbecue Recipes For a Fun Party

Worried about your budget for your next backyard barbecue? Serve skewers – they’re light on the pocket and easy to prepare as well.

Grill Recipes: 3 Must-Try Chicken Breast Dishes

Chicken, particularly chicken breasts, are easy to prepare and is flexible in terms of cooking. Doesn’t take an expert to grill, too, so if you’re planning a barbecue, go for chicken breasts!

Cooking With Herbs and Spices: 3 Delicious Snack Recipes

If you’re about to make a snack, make one that is healthy. Use herbs and spices – you can easily find them in your kitchen plus they help improve the taste of any meal!

3 Summer Side Dishes That Perfectly Pairs With Grilled Steak

While a steak is filling on its own, serving it with a side dish helps balance the meal out. Whether you opt for a salad or a sandwich, you won’t have to worry about the lack of variety in your meal.

Cheese-Stuffed Chicken With Fresh Tomato-Pepper Sauce

Lean, skinless chicken breasts and a sauce made with fresh tomatoes and peppers make a light, healthy dinner – even with a little creamy cheese stuffing to boot. The colorful, spicy sauce can be enjoyed pureed or chunky.

Crunchy Chicken Cucumber Boats – Recipe

CRUNCHY CHICKEN CUCUMBER BOATS – Lotus Roots can be found at any Asian supermarket, but they are optional and act simply as a “lid” to hold the mixture onto the hollowed out cucumbers. A thick lettuce leaf is a good substitute.

Crunchy Collard Wraps With Pepper Spread and Veggies

We have all seen the cauliflower pizza sans crust, and other similar recipes that eliminate the gluten, and we are all very surprised to learn that they taste great! The problem is that they generally rely on huge amounts of artery-clogging cheese, or other yummy (but not so great-for-you) ingredients to bind them together and make them taste okay. So of course they taste great.

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