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We’re going to make an adaptation of the cheesecake from the Basque region of Spain. We really like the taste and this small size is just right. This is rich, yet refreshing with the yogurt. It goes perfectly with the dark cherries!

How to Make Dark Cherry Cheesecake

(6 pieces) Cook Time: 30 minutes
* Time for chilling the cheesecake is not included in cook time.

100g Cream Cheese (3.5 oz)
35g Granulated Sugar (1.2 oz)
50g Plain Yogurt (1.8 oz)
1 Egg
100g Heavy Cream, 36% fat (3.5 oz)
5g Cake Flour or All Purpose Flour (0.2 oz)
12 pieces Dark Sweet Cherries, packaged
6 Cupcake Liners, silicone coated, base diameter: 5.3 cm/2.1″

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