Good-For-You Pizza (Pinsa) | Basics with Babish ft. Ethan Chlebowski

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This week, @Ethan Chlebowski joins us to tackle a question for the ages: just how do you make a guilt-free pizza that also, you know, tastes like pizza? The answer lies in a Roman specialty known as “Pinsa”: a light, airy, chewy flatbread with fewer calories, more fiber, and more protein than its Neapolitan counterpart. Is it diet food? No. Does it look/taste/feel/smell/sound exactly like the real deal, all while delivering more of the nutrients your body so dearly needs? Yes!

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A Brief History of Italian Cuisine

The article talks about the roots of Italian Cuisine dating back to 4th Century BC. It unveils how this particular cuisine is an amalgamation of the Ancient Greek, Etruscan, Jewish, Ancient Roman, Byzantine and Arab cuisines. However as Potatoes, Tomatoes, Bell peppers and Maize were introduced they became integral to this cuisine. It gained popularity for its diversity as each region (North and South) began cooking it in its own unique manner. While Pizza and Pasta remain the most popular dishes, there is much more to Italian Cuisine.

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