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This weeks video was filmed a while back and never shared, so I figured right about now is the perfect time of year for a cosy hot chocolate recipe here!

I take inspiration from my good pal Lily from

Chicken Recipe for Baked Ziti

It’s not necessary to have a party or celebration to cook something special for your family. Though everyone is really busy these days, it is worth having something that you will enjoy eating. For instance, Italian food: I picture a scrumptious cheesy, creamy meal that will leave a lingering smile on the faces of many.

How to Make Blueberry Fruit Rolls or Blueberry Fruit Leather

The art of making blueberry fruit roll munchies for your family is a delicious and nutritious way to conserve your garden bounty, and enjoy it year round. Children love them and they’re great for carry-along snacks for outings and camping trips. Blueberry fruit rolls made without sugar is a healthy option for refreshments or desserts for everyone.

A Simple Teriyaki Sauce Recipe

Teriyaki sauce is one of those sauces which for which everyone has their own special recipe. Because it is flavored with Japanese wine, it has a special taste and it is worth seeking out the authentic ingredients. With the right ingredients teriyaki sauce is so simple to make at home.

What Are The Different Types of Smoked Salmon?

Smoking is one of the oldest ways to preserve fish, meat, as well as poultry. Therefore smoked salmon is without a doubt one of the most well-known and best loved ways to enjoy Salmon. The smoking of food was used prior to the advent of refrigeration to prolong the life span of fresh food products

Southern, Central and Northern Italian Cuisine

Yes it’s true that pasta and pizza rings Italian in most ears when it comes to Italian food but there’s a little more variety then that when it comes to Southern, Central and Northern Italian Cuisine. My article will give you a better understanding of this fascinating culture.

How To Make Homemade Pizza With the Mediterranean Touch

Boyd Matson once said “Believe it or not, Americans eat 75 Acres of Pizza per day!” And that is the US alone. You don’t even want to think about the rest of the world. This is a simple recipe to make a fantastic homemade pizza.

Chicken Wing Sauce: No Longer Just For Chicken Wings

Wing sauces erupted in the junk food arena in the 1960’s and have grown in appeal ever since. And yet the great thing about wing sauces, is that they are not primarily for wings.Look at several other possibilities for your next platter.

Gluten Free Chocolate Mousse Dessert With Homemade Angel Food Cake

Are you looking for a light, delicious gluten free dessert? Making a chocolate mousse dessert with homemade angel food cake is a little more work, but worth the effort once you taste it! Gluten Free Pantry has discontinued their gluten free Angel Food Cake mix and the other mixes I have found are extremely expensive. Making your own gluten free homemade version is a satisfying and a cheaper alternative to buying the expensive mixes.

Juice Recipes – How To Make Your Favorite Juices

There are many different types of juice that you can make on your own and can be enjoyed any time of the day. Here are some simple recipes or steps for making different types of juice that your whole family can enjoy.

Quick And Easy Slow Cooker Recipe – Beef Stew

Looking for a quick meal idea that you can prepare for your family when they get home from work or school or wherever it is that they are coming from? Here is a quick and easy slow cooker recipe that you can use to make a great meal for your family.

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