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How To Make Hungarian Croissant (Kifli)

Legend has it that during the 150 year Turkish occupation of Hungary the Ottomans (Turks) stormed a Hungarian city and the local bakers, who began their work early in the day, were able to raise the alarm and thus helped to defeat the enemy invasion. To symbolize their victory, the bakers formed the emblem of the Turkish Empire, the crescent moon, out of pastry and ate the enemy’s power… and the tradition of “kifli” or croissant was born

How to Make Your Own Biltong at Home

Biltong is a traditional South African recipe which was adapted by many countries due to its nutrients and taste. Though many think it’s similar to the Australian beef jerky, the truth is they’re different especially in the manner of preparation and taste.

Authentic Recipes From Germany – How About Spaetzle?

Many people who have travelled to Germany tell me, that they are surprised to see that most of the so called ‘German Food’ advertised and provided in the States is nothing like the authentic cuisine that they have tasted in Germany itself. I think we should change that and give as many people as possible an idea what authentic German cooking actually means. Lets start with the ever so popular Spaetzle.

Learn How To Cook Quinoa With Some Very Easy-To-Follow Quinoa Recipes

Quinoa is fast becoming very popular in both the health and weight-loss worlds, so we thought we would suggest a few very easy-to-follow quinoa recipes that make your meal times that little bit tastier than simply boiling the rice grain. Cooking quinoa is very easy, hope you enjoy these and they at least give you some inspiration as to what you can do with this new super food and how to cook quinoa properly.

Cooking Quinoa Made Easy With Three Straightforward Quinoa Recipes

There are many very simple quinoa breakfast recipes you can follow either online or in books, I would like to share with you 3 of what I consider to be my favourites. You will find that quinoa is so versatile a rice grain, that you can add pretty much anything to it without overpowering the taste of quinoa rice.

How to Make Lactose Free Easter Eggs

A simple recipe for making your own dairy free chocolate Easter Eggs. Just because you are lactose intolerant, you shouldn’t have to miss out on your favorite Easter Treats.

Discover The Sense Of Majesty In The Egyptian Cuisine

When it comes to food, the Egyptian cuisine scores a perfect ten with any connoisseur. The best part is that one can never expect to be fed in small quantities by an Egyptian host, who is generally generosity personified. Guests can only look forward to some extra yummy additions to the menu like freshly baked bread and delectable dips and sauces, followed by refreshing after-meal beverages like Mint Teas and ‘Karkadeh’ (Hibiscus Tea).

Nutritious Pancake Recipe

Looking for a nutritious pancake mix? Look no further. This recipe has just the right amount of whole grains to satisfy picky eaters AND those who want them to eat nutritiously.

Ham – Recipe For Baked Ham Steak

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with those prepackaged ham steaks found in the supermarket, here is the answer. This baked ham steak recipe is so easy, yet it’s delicious too. You’ll love it!

The Cupcake Trend Plus Orange Cupcake Recipe

Here is an article that outlines the now-trendy cupcake, with a yummy cupcake recipe included for you to make for your family or friends. Try baking these delicious Orange Cupcakes in your own kitchen and get rave reviews!

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