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Dinner Ritual to Attract Health

This is a ritual to attract health to your life. You will combine food, friendship and magic to enhance the effectiveness of this ritual.

Beck’s Best – Corn Fritters

Looking for a great way to serve corn? Try these fantastic corn fritters. They are great freshly made hot out of the skillet or cold right out of the fridge as an afternoon or late evening snack.

7 Ways To Cook With Pineapple Sage, A Pork Recipe, And Wine Pairing

Pineapple Sage is a vibrant, aromatic, and versatile herb that you may not have heard of. Here’s 7 ways to cook with this unique plant, including a detailed recipe – Spicy Fruit And Herb Boston Pork Roast. Would you know what kind of wine to try with a dish like this? Not to worry, I give you a few ideas for wine pairings as well!

Nutritional Facts And Benefits of Rice Bran Oil

Often regarded as the healthiest edible oil in the world, rice bran oil is obtained from the rice husk and germ. The oil is widely used for food preparations in the countries like Japan, Korea and China and many other regions of the world.

Dilly Beans Recipe

Learn how to preserve your excess green beans this year with this tasty recipe for Dilly Beans. Dilly beans add a tart flavor and tangy bite to green beans and are perfect for serving with cocktails.

Berry Good for You – The Season to Forage Free Nutritional Foods

Having a reputation for being an amazing cold and flu remedy elderberries are also full of useful nutrients. Made into a delicious cordial it is a definite ‘must’ to have at the ready as winter approaches.

Wild Salmon Burgers or Cakes, High in Omega-3 and Delicious

Health experts are recommending two servings of fatty fish, fish high in Omega-3, per week. But many folks, especially kids, turn up their noses at fish. How can you make it appealing? Turn the fish into burgers, which appeal to almost everyone.

New Succotash: Goodness of the Past, Conveneince of the Present

Have you ever eaten succotash, a combination of corn and lima beans? If you like this vegetable combination, you will love the updated version. The new succotash has more vegetables, more seasoning, and can be a meal by itself.

Squaw Dish (Scrambled Eggs and Corn), a Satisfying Meal for Tough Times

Eggs just aren’t for breakfast. When you’re tired and don’t know what to fix for dinner, you may opt for scrambled eggs. Or you may think of a challenging time in your childhood when your mother fixed Squaw Dish — scrambled eggs and creamed corn. It tasted good then and this homey dish tastes good today. Try the recipe!

Summer Fun Snacks for Kids

It’s quite well-known that kids love snacks, and in the summer, you can prepare some great fun snacks for your kids. Here are some suggestions.

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