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Hey guys, hope you guys are all having a decent 2021 so far! I took a break with my upload last week but this week I’ve been back in the kitchen and wanted to let you know we have loads of exciting recipes & videos planned for the year ahead! But first, I’d love to know if you guys have any suggestions for what you’d like to see? Also, as you can see I’m nearly at 1 million subs which is SO EXCITING! Please sub if you haven’t already and thanks for joining me along the way!

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Dill-Icious: 3 Must-Try Dill Recipes

A fan of dill because of its soft and sweet flavor? Then you’ll definitely love these healthy and easy-to-follow recipes that use your favorite herb and spice.

Cacao Recipe: The Tsokolate A

A famous concoction among the ancients, cacao is regaining its popularity. It is known for its many benefits as an antioxidant and third eye enhancer.

Three Bread Recipes for Your Bread Maker

The following recipes below are for a bread maker but can also be done in the conventional way. Each recipe will make one and a half pounds. Keep in mind that there are many different recipes out there and these three that I am sharing are what I would consider fun or better yet dessert types.

How To Make The Perfect Biltong

Do you want to know how to make the perfect biltong? Then look no further. This is the recipe for you.

Classic Turkish Recipe! Turkish Eggplant Dish (Karniyarik)

Try Turkish cooking at home with this wonderful Turkish eggplant dish! This mouthwatering dish is very spicy and the creamy eggplant will just melt in your mouth. It’s one of the classic Turkish cuisines you’ll want to impress your friends with!

To Keep In a Snack Box for Surprise Guests

Surprise visits by guests can be a double edged sword. While you may be delighted at having people you love and care about at your humble abode, there is a constant dilemma of what to serve them as snacks with that steaming hot cup of tea or coffee.

Italian Meatballs With Golden Raisins: A Special Recipe for You

Meatballs are one of the most adaptable recipes you can make. You may get in a rut and keep making the same meatball recipe. If you want a tasty, different recipe this is the one. The golden raisins add unexpected sweetness to the recipe and blend well with most sauces.

5 Ingredient (or Less) Recipes! Perfect for Those Busy Weeknights!

Who says cooking at home has to be a chore? Try these 5 ingredient recipes for busy weeknights and get a taste of quality home cooked meals with minimal ingredients!

Healthy Lettuce Wrap Tacos

Mexican food is a favorite for many. Often times, however, it is loaded with unhealthy amounts of cheese, beans and sour cream. This healthy version still allows the beautiful flavors of Mexican food come through without the carbs or extra calories

Recipes – Salads With Interesting Dressings

Salads are cool, crunchy, and fun to eat as you can experiment with flavours. You can customize them to include the fruits and vegetables that appeal to you the most, and whichever ones you have on hand. Try these recipes to boost your almond intake.

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